Things to know

Certified organic/chemical free, farm fresh produce, plus fridge, household & pantry.


1. Orders close at 3pm every Sunday.  We will not take any late orders after the website closes. Setting an alarm or weekly calendar reminder in your phone is a good way to remember to order on time. You can also be included in our weekly text message reminder, we just need your phone number to do this.

2. It is essential that everyone books a pick-up time on our booking sheet. The link is easily found on the home page.  If you are using your phone to order, then download the Google app.  Orders can only be collected during our opening times: Wednesday 2-5.30pm, Thursday 2-5.30pm & Friday 8-11am.

3. We would love you to bring your shopping bags to pack your order into.  This way, we can re-use our boxes for more orders.  If you take any of our boxes, then we really appreciate them being returned the next week. Unpacking your boxes here at the time of collecting your order means that you don’t need to take care of our boxes at home. 

4. Arriving super early to collect your order can cause problems in the cold room.  We have to stack all orders by the pick-up time you choose so that we can keep the fridge rolling in order.  If you arrive extra early or on the wrong day, it can be extremely hard to get your order out & we may have to ask you to come back for your order.  Keeping close to your chosen pick-up time helps us run a smooth week.  Please be mindful that if you are running late to collect your order that other families collecting their order were most likely on time. I don’t have a problem if you are a little late, we do our best to look after everyone. However, I like to think that your lateness shouldn’t affect others picking up on time. 

5. Mystery boxes are only available for ordering through the website.  No Facebook mystery box orders anymore.  I will advertise any leftover boxes on a Tuesday afternoon through Facebook. If you are collecting a Mystery Box, you do not need to book a pick-up time.

6. If you wish to add items to your order, please do this when you collect your order. Please don’t message or email extra requests.

7. The shed isn’t available during our closed times for extras. We have a super tight schedule to get everything done in time for opening hours.

8. When the gate is open & we are operating normal in the shed anyone is welcome to pop in for refills or pantry staples.  Please note that fresh produce isn’t on display to purchase, we may have some available if you ask, but it is very limited after all orders are packed.  All our fresh produce is calculated when orders close on Sunday so that we don’t over order and waste produce.  This is better for us & our farmers.

9. Covid safe guideline regulations are followed.

10. If the GATE IS CLOSED, please DON’T OPEN IT. Our dogs may not be friendly as it’s their space too.


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